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Book Review Policy & Requests

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This page is only meant for authors who would like me to review their novels. If you are looking for books I have reviewed you're in the wrong place, for those you'll need to check out my BLOG.


 this page? It is my way of paying it forward in a small way, to all those other isSo what fantasy and paranormal writers out there who work so incredibly hard writing their novels but have difficulty getting busy reviewers to read their books.


Don't get me wrong, I'm a writer myself and I have a busy day job. I'm not going to be able to read and review more than a couple of books a month. But you are ALWAYS WELCOME to ask, and if I like the sound of your novel I'll get in touch for an ARC copy.


I don't have a whole load of rules about what I will and won't accept for review but I do have a few preferences outside of which I probably won't have time to read:-


  • Only Fiction

  • Books written by Indie Authors

  • YA Fantasy

  • Paranormal Romance


I'm an author myself and I need your support as much as you need mine, so priority will be given to those who sign up for my mailing list and follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Book reviews are very much a part time thing for me, so don't hold it against me if I can't fit in with your timescales, or if I can't take your book at all.


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