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JOBIE BALDWIN is the author of the Young-Adult Fantasy novel, Ink (2018). She always wanted to be a poet when she grew up but since her poetry stinks and she needed to be able to feed herself, she trained to survey houses instead.


More recently Jobie joined a writers’ collective, Café Three Zero and contributed short stories to their published anthologies Tales from the Cafe and Red. She is currently working on the next in her Tribe Series and is planning to write Raven's prequel in 2019.


Jobie, her husband and their two rescue dogs Lori (the Greyhound) and Monty (the Podenco) split their time between their homes in the Surrey Hills just south of London and Menorca in the Balearics.


She says, “I’m vegan, I’m a biker, but the thing I love most of all is writing down the stories my characters whisper to me while I'm asleep.”

Tribe Novels - Ink & Flak

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A powerful god, a magical tattoo and a rebellious teenager. What could possibly go wrong?

Christian, an unruly English teenager, stumbles onto a mysterioustattooparlor. Possessed by the Rune God, Hagalaz, he becomes immortal, gifted with magical powers which allow him to harness the forces of nature.

Only problem? Hagalaz GodofDisruption, is intent on making Christian's life a living hell. 

Oh, and did I mention the Settlers, a mysterious group with a dark and devastating secret? 

It is up to Christian and his new Tribe of four, each gifted with their own celestial passenger, to uncover that secret. 

But nothing is what it seems, and it will take much more than the powers of a few long-forgotten gods to stop the impending global disaster that threatens to destroy everyone and everything in its path. 



He might have got what he wished for, but it was far more than he bargained for.


unhinged, scarilyBen desperately wanted to be part of Christian’s Tribe but he wasn’t one of the chosen. Enter Ta'xet, Haida God of Violent Death who takes him as his host. 

Emily, a witch in search of her missing brother, made a risky deal with a demon. Now, out of options, she must join forces with the attractive,

Ben and his Tribe must risk everything to keep the past where it belongs, but at what cost?butteenager who clearly has problems of his own.

Unbeknownst to the pair, Ben’s transformation has attracted the attention of an enemy from the past, and the entire Tribe find themselves the target of an exiled Guide and a Demon intent on manipulating time to change the past. 


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"This is a fast-moving, high action story with insights into real-world problems, the first of what promises to be a compelling series."

-  Piers Anthony, New York Times Bestselling Author

"A thrilling ride, with twists and turns that even the most experienced reader will never forget!"

- Dustin Bilyk, Author of The Tournament of Hearts

"This book just blew me away. I have no idea how to express myself about this book. I was dying to read this book the moment I saw it. So I did. I did not stop reading it until I was done.


- Ira Myriam, Book Reviewer

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