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Rock God

The lights go out.

From the darkness, an almighty bang.

A drum beat.

The lead guitar roars to life.

I am at his feet.

I am in the mosh pit of his creation.

He is the embodiment of limitless truth.

Revealing to me, all that is possible.

He challenges me.

Birth and death will not end this passion of mine -

this yearning for him.

He is my rock god.

My life's lyricist.

Then, somewhere in the middle.

When the gig has reached a mighty crescendo

He changes pace.

Crooning a heartfelt ballad.

Adding sorrowful depth and resonance.

Yes, he is my anarchic poet.

And my moody laureate. Both.

He has no impulse control, this rock god of mine.

He disgorges the contents of his mind

In an instant.

He is present in my every moment.

In every place, in every face.

In my mind's eye.

He plumbs the depth of my vitality.

Strums at the luminescence of my spirit.

His presence evokes in me -

the preciousness of life.

The possibilities in friendship.

And the end?

The encore is a song of inspiration.

A melody which leaves me yearning for more,

with a question on my lips.

Yes he is my mighty rock god.

He is the mastery and the mystery.

And, as for me,

Unsurprisingly, I remain.

A faithful member of the fan club.

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