Flak Outtake

This is an outtake from Flak, where Deshi gives a second example of how Flak used to be a good guy and saved Raven's life.

Feel free to read it in all it's unedited glory!

‘Raven’s Pack, that’s what he called it like Christian calls your group his Tribe, was battling Somali pirates off the east African coast. This group of pirates had kidnapped and killed many innocents and the Pack were sent to find out what was going on. What they learned was that, although they may well have come from Somalia, the pirates weren’t human. They were vampires.
Vampires?!’ Ben yelped in shock. ‘Vampires don’t exist.
‘No?’ Deshi replied.I must be mistaken.’ Ben could see he’d offended the man, and Deshi’s silence told him that he’d have to apologise. Damn it! He hated apologising.
‘Sorry, Deshi. Please continue.
Deshi nodded and grinned.I was there to see it all. Raven was fighting with perhaps five vampires on the deck of a super-yacht we’d commandeered from a local billionaire as bait. Flak, who had just dispatched twice that number, realised Raven was in trouble.
‘What did he do?
‘Somehow the vampires had stumbled on Raven’s weakness. They had him pinned to a mast by one of his wings. Raven was fighting valiantly, but he knew if he tore that wing off, no one could save him. 

‘From his position on the bridge looking down at Raven and the vampires on the pool deck, Flak decided to cause a diversion. He stood all the sun loungers on end and lined them in rows, like soldiers. That got the vampires’ attention! 
As his newly formed army charged at the vampires, Flak focused his mind on the sword pinning Raven’s wing to the mast. To be fair, his powers were more suited to death than to saving lives, but he managed to trick his Guide into pulling the sword out of Raven’s wing, to use it to slash one of the vampires into tiny pieces. Once Raven was free, Flak took pleasure in tearing the ship in two and tossing the pieces as far as he could in opposite directions. 
The boat sank like a stone but Flak wasn’t worried, he was counting on the bird to fly them both away. The vampires, who are notoriously bad swimmers, flailed around in the ocean. But just to be certain they couldn’t cause any more trouble, Ta’xet sent a school of great white sharks to chew them to pieces – because when it comes to vampires you really don’t want even the smallest of pieces left, even at sea.
Ben was about to ask more questions - the Flak Deshi described didn’t sound anything like the man he’d met in the stone circle at Avebury – but he didn’t get the chance, because at that moment Raven strode into the room.
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