Five Fun Facts About Christian

In case you don't already know, Christian is the 'hero' of my debut novel Ink. I use the term loosely as he's more sarcastic genius than he is a hero.

Anyway, I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to him before you hopefully meet him in person when his book goes live in October.

Christian Fact #1

It says something about Hagalaz (or Laz as Christian calls him) that he chose to bestow his powers on Christian. Laz is the craziest of all the Guides and Christian is... well, I wouldn't put the fate of the world in this particular teenager's hands.

Christian Fact #2

Christian's mother was a flight attendant whose notoriously wandering eye was caught by a handsome, upper-crust, soldier on a flight from New York to London.

Christian Fact #3

Christian is an alternative rock fan. His favourite bands are Muse, Greenday and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Christian Fact #4

When the Settlers 'came out' in 2008, Christian had never even seen one. He fancies himself a good judge of character though so he soon worked out they were hiding something.

Christian Fact #5

Christian and his best friend Ben have a past they have yet to tell you about. They met at a boarding school that was supposed to specialise in dealing with the wild children of rock stars, actors and the aristocracy. Not sure they did a great job controlling those two.