Ben's Interview

Jobie: Father’s name?

Ben: Alistair Ward - most tedious man ever born.

Jobie: Mother’s name?

Ben: Antonia (Toni) Ward - most tedious woman ever born.

Jobie: Tedious, you say? Best friend?

Ben: Christian, obviously. Can we hurry to the interesting part?

Jobie: Excuse me, I wasn't the one who came UNANNOUNCED. You'll have to make do with any question I throw at you...

Interests and hobbies

Ben: Online gaming, girls (the more the merrier), exploring the dark web and...what else? Conflict? Love it! Yes please... the more conflict the better.

Jobie: Huh-uh. Any pet, favorite food? Color?

Ben: Nah, I'll leave herding the wildlife to Chris, he has more patience with them than I do. Although there is one arctic fox I wouldn't mind taking a chunk out of.

As for food, anything off the take-away menus in the drawer in the kitchen. You choose.

And my favorite color is red – like blood.

Jobie: Have any prejudice?

Ben: Prejudice? You mean my philosophy, yeah? People lie and then they die.

Jobie: Okayyy... What about your religion if any?

Ben: I worship at the altar of Benjamin Ward.

Jobie: Oh. Benjamin War- isn't that you?!

Ben: That's correct. I'm my own religion

Jobie: Then what would you say are your strongest personality traits?

Ben: I'm imaginative, some might say sneaky, and a lateral thinker. With those as your defining characteristics, things can go really well or extremely badly.

Jobie: And your weakest personality traits?

Ben: I usually don't give a damn about most people. I'm not saying I'm a psychopath (although I might be) but I've only ever been attached to one person in my life - that's Christian. He's my brother from another mother. I'd die for him. In fact, I almost did die for him!

Chris: Well...

Jobie: Have anything to say Christian?

Ben: No, he doesn't. Don't forget the agreement.

Jobie: What agreement?

Ben: Nothing! Absolutely nothing you should be worried about.

Chris:'s nothing.

Jobie: Fine. What's your most valued possession?

Ben: Anything that gives me access to the internet.

Jobie: Favourite sport(s):

Ben: Sport? Would you call League of Legends a sport? No? Not interested then.

Jobie: What drives you?

Ben: What? I'm a Londoner, why on earth would I be driving? Although I was tempted to have a go with one of those armoured vehicles back there on the ice.

Jobie (with a loud voice): I meant what DRIVES you, not what vehicle you drive.

Ben: Oh. Well... If you dig beneath the surface bonhomie, I'm different from your average Joe, but I'm really concerned there's something seriously wrong with me. I need to work that out.

Jobie: Yeah you should... Yawn*. Okay, we're almost at the end of this interview. A few more questions and I'll finally be able to get some sleep in time for some god's awakening.

So, what's your greatest need or wish?

Ben: You see, at first I thought: If I could have anything, I'd find a way to truly be part of the Tribe. I'm at least as talented and twice as vicious as every one of them but because I wasn't...chosen, I'll never really be one of them. But now I...uh, let's leave that for another time

Jobie: Whatever you want, Ben. Can I ask what your future plan is?

Ben: If I told you that, I'd spoil years of planning. Whatever it is, you know it's going to be a bumpy ride...

Speaking of which-

I almost forgot to thank you for transcribing my story Jobie. I know some people probably hate me for the way I kill people but what they don't understand is the struggles I've had to face. The choices I had to make. Imagine fighting for control with Tax over a violent act I low-key enjoyed. You know I had no control over that.

Chris: Honestly, Ben might be a but he's a genuine good guy and my best friend. I think you'd relate with him better if you gave him the chance.


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