Ben tells all

As you know, the guys and girls from Ink have agreed to introduce themselves before the book launch on 31st October.

The weird thing is that the boys are are jumping in first. What are Lexy and Kai up to that they don't have time to fill in a simple form?

But let's not worry about that now and concentrate on Ben (btw the image above is a *spoiler alert* situation, you won't understand until you've read both Ink and the next in the series).

Strongest personality traits: I'm imaginative, some might say sneaky, and a lateral thinker. With those as your defining characteristics things can go really well or extremely badly.

Weakest personality traits: I don't give a damn about most people. I'm not saying I'm a psychopath (although I might be) but I've only ever been attached to one person in my life - that's Christian. He's my brother from another mother. I'd die for him. In fact, I almost did die for him!

Needs: If I could have anything, I'd find a way to truly be part of the Tribe. I'm at least as talented and twice as vicious as every one of them but because I wasn't *chosen*, I'll never really be one of them.

Physical appearance: Heroic, handsome, strong... yada, yada, yada.

Father’s name: Alistair Ward - most tedious man ever born.

Mother’s name: Antonia (Toni) Ward - most tedious woman ever born.

Favorite saying: You need to get a clue, Chris.

Best friend: Christian.

Interests and hobbies: Online gaming, girls (the more the merrier), exploring the dark web.

Favorite foods: Anything off the take-away menus in the drawer in the kitchen. You choose.

Favourite colors: Red - like blood.

Pets: Nah, I'll leave herding the wildlife to Chris, he has more patience with them than I do. Although there is one arctic fox I wouldn't mind taking a chunk out of.

Education: Over.

Religion: I worship at the alter of Benjamin Ward.

Future plans: If I told you that I'd spoil years of planning. Whatever it is, you know it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Possessions I values most: Anything that gives me access to the internet.

What drives you?: If you dig beneath the surface bonhomie, I'm different from your average Joe, but I'm really concerned there's something seriously wrong with me. I need to work that out.

How do you handle conflict: Love it! Yes please... the more conflict the better.

What is your favourite room and why: What a totally inane question. My favourite room? Wherever Ben Ward is. That's my favourite.

What vehicle do you drive: I'm a Londoner, why on earth would I be driving? Although I was tempted to have a go with one of those armoured vehicles back there on the ice.

Favourite sport(s): Sport? Would you call League of Legends a sport? No? Not interested then.

What are your prejudices: People lie and then they die.

How do you feel about love: I love myself. What can I say, I'm a lovable guy.