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Amelia Ferver Mysteries

A Killer Opening

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In the first of the Amelia Ferver Mysteries, Amelia has a challenge to best; a challenge set in motion by her beloved, if eccentric, late Uncle Sebastian.


The terms of his will were this: Amelia would inherit everything, his townhouse in Belgravia, his yacht in Cannes, and best of all, the beautiful Mediterranean Island of El Pedrusco, which he had called home for the last 25 years of his life. She'd get it all if – and it was a spectacularly big IF – she could build a thirty-room luxury hotel on the island, and open its doors with a grand gala opening, by the first anniversary of his death.

And if she were to fail? She was most definitely not going to let that happen, but if by some cruel twist of fate, it did, El Pedrusco and all his other worldly-goods, would be auctioned off to the highest bidder and the proceeds distributed to various worthy environmental charities bent on saving the world.


Amelia had nothing against the world, per se, but recently her life had been turned upside down in ways she’d rather not discuss, and the heartbreaking results had left her desperately in need of some stability; stability she had found, throughout her life, in her beloved Uncle and on the sun-bleached shores of El Pedrusco.  

Which brings us to today.

After months of backbreaking hard work, and with Uncle Seb’s one-year deadline looming large, the celebrity guests dock at the island’s rickety old jetty, ready for the pre-opening publicity junket. In that instant, Amelia’s smooth sailing turns to stormy seas, when the mysterious stranger who had been all but shipwrecked on her doorstep just a month before turns up dead.

Can Amelia solve his murder before she is forced to cancel the gala opening and lose everything she ever dreamed of?

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