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Young Adult Fantasy

Join Christian and his Tribe for the adventure

of a lifetime

INK ebook (2).jpg

A rebellious youth endowed with divine gifts. Will he end or trigger widespread destruction?


If you like snarky superheroes, imaginative coming-of-age stories, and high-stakes conflict, then you’ll love this action-packed adventure. Tap the book image to download the book for free!

RAVEN ebook.jpg

When a shameless bad boy bonds with an ancient being, can he choose between good and evil?


If you like dark characters, immersive worlds, and intriguing twists and turns, then you’ll love Jobie Baldwin’s gripping tale.

Click on the book image above to join Raven as he circles back to how it all started today!

LEXY ebook.jpg

Her people time-traveled to this planet with an agenda. But she chose humanity instead of them. Will she trigger salvation or the world’s devastation?


If you like conflicted protagonists, life-threatening drama, and dark themes, then you’ll love Jobie Baldwin’s stunning conclusion.


Click on the book image to be the catalyst for hope today!

Flak cover JPG.jpg

He might have a mean streak. But a supernatural transformation could make him a hero… or not.


If you like nonstop action, irresistible anti-heroes, and off-the-wall antics, then you’ll love this imaginative thrill-ride. Tap the book image above to buy the book today!

SOPHIE ebook.jpg

An enemy is hunting her down. She’s struggling with her own demons.


With souls in peril, one wrong choice could be fatal. If you like strong-willed heroines, unexpected love triangles, and spellbinding action, then you’ll adore Jobie Baldwin’s heart-stopping sensation.


Click on the book image to destroy pure evil today!


Copy of Ink Cover (1).png

The first in my Gumshoe Gods series is now available.

It follows the jaded god-detective, Braxton Basset and his long-suffering partner Justice on their quest to bring down the demon king.

This is a Tribe Readers' Club exclusive. Join the Tribe to get your free copy as part of the Readers' Club email series.

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