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"Couldn't put it down! I've enjoyed the entire series. Can't wait for the next book in the series." 

- Online reder review


After fifteen years living free, cruising the open road, and trying (not particularly hard) to keep within the law., Black and his brother Sam ride into the small town of Banks. Something about the place captures their interest and before long they’re putting down roots.


But Black's no hero, so when a wizard appears asking for help, he turns him down. Hard. But there's no avoiding the weird in Banks. First, a redheaded bombshell witch marches into his tattoo studio demanding a job. Then, Black gets claimed by the Haida raven god. 


Outlaw bikers aren't meant to be heroes. But danger is drawing near, and Black and his pack must choose a side if they stand any chance of making it out of Banks alive.

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