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**The pre-order date quoted is expected to be brought forward to later this year.**

Soon after arriving at the draughty old manor house where her childhood best friend, Daisy, is convalescing, Amelia Ferver discovers the scarred body of an acclaimed British actor…in a locked room.

Amelia has returned to London after learning that her late Uncle Sebastian, suspected he had been murdered. But while she is there, she receives a hysterical telephone call from her childhood friend Daisy, whose peaceful convalescence at an old Sussex manor house has been disturbed…by Amelia’s harridan of a mother, Maud.

Amelia races down to the countryside determined to rescue her friend, only to find that Maud has invited a whole ensemble cast of actors to the house, in a transparent attempt to persuade Daisy to accept the leading role in her new play. But soon after she arrives, Amelia finds Daisy’s new beau dead in a locked bedroom, with his throat slashed.

The police rule the death a suicide, but a devastated Daisy won’t believe it, and a mysterious scar, an engraved lighter, and a pile of cobwebs prompt Amelia to investigate. But when another guest goes missing, before they too turn up murdered, Amelia wonders if she is in over her head.

If you like Agatha Christie style villainous characters, spooky old country houses, and locked room mysteries, you’ll love A Killer Ensemble, the second in the Amelia Ferver mystery series.


Buy A Killer Ensemble to take a stab at exposing a killer!

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