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Get the first in my Tribe series FREE...

A rebellious youth endowed with divine gifts. Will he end or trigger widespread destruction? If you like snarky superheroes, imaginative coming-of-age stories, and high-stakes conflict, then you’ll love this action-packed adventure.


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Readers' Club Content

By joining the Tribe readers' club you will receive the first in this Amazon exclusive series free, access to the private Tribe Facebook chat group, exclusive readers' club content like background character interviews, playlists, deleted scenes, and much more. None of this material will be available anywhere else. You will also receive a free copy of Bloodbath, the first in a spin-off series, which is not available anywhere else!

The only way to fully experience the Tribe's adventures!

Praise for Ink

"This is a fast-moving, high action story with insights into real-world problems, the first of what promises to be a compelling series." - New York Times bestselling fantasy author Piers Anthony


"A thrilling ride, with twists and turns that even the most experienced reader will never forget!" --  Dustin Bilyk, Author of The Tournament of Hearts 

"This book just blew me away. I have no idea how to express myself about it. I was dying to read this book the moment I saw it. So I did. I did not stop reading until I was done. IT WAS AMAZING." -- Ira Myriam, Book Reviewer. 

Now writing Mysteries as
Matilda Adler


The terms of Sebastian Ferver's Will were that his niece, Amelia would inherit everything, his townhouse in Belgravia, his yacht in Cannes, and best of all, the beautiful Mediterranean Island of El Pedrusco, which he had called home for the last 20 years of his life. She'd get it all if – and it was a spectacularly big IF – she could build a thirty-room luxury hotel on the island, and open its doors with a grand gala opening, by the first anniversary of his death.


After months of backbreaking hard work, and with Uncle Seb’s one-year deadline looming large, the celebrity guests dock at the island’s rickety old jetty, ready for the pre-opening publicity junket, and in that instant, Amelia’s smooth sailing turns to stormy seas when the mysterious stranger who had been all but shipwrecked on her doorstep just a month before turns up dead.

Can Amelia solve his murder before she is forced to cancel the gala opening and lose everything?

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